Sharon Anderson

Sharon Anderson

Monday, August 25, 2014

MichelleMacDonaldJustice vs. ScottNewmanmustResignfromMNAG

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Sharon Anderson Vote Michelle MacDonald 4 Familys exposing Justice David Lillehaug 4 Case Fixing on USSC 10-1032 Government Reform Darrell Issa and Bob Goodlatte
VIDEO: Contempt of Court Allegation - Michelle MacDonald, on behalf of her cli...See More

Monday, August 18, 2014


Attorneys at Thompson Hall Santi Cerny & Dooley have petitioned the Minnesota Supreme Court to...


Thursday, August 14, 2014

SaveLennyAndersonHome vs CitySt.Paul2014
Sharon has been there Done that 

Please Help a 74 Year Old Disabled Veteran Save his Home.

Urgent, please help stop the city of Saint Paul, MN from condemning and bulldozing a 74 year old disabled Veteran's home. Several insensitive and mean spirited city government employees (bureaucrats) have been bullying Lenny and preventing him from enjoying his home. City employees have been violating his constitutional rights since 1995 and destroying his possessions.

Our friend and Veteran Lenny Anderson needs your help NOW before it's too late! Act Now, sign the petition to stop the bulldozers and save Lenny's home.
Signing this petition is a great opportunity for you to help STOP these city employees from bulldozing this 74 year old veteran home.

Please share this petition with your family and friends. Your love, prayers, and support are very much appreciated. Lenny thanks you for signing this petition.